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How To Prepare For Your First Tax Lien Sale

To be a successful bidder at a tax lien sale, you must be prepared. It’s a good idea to attend a couple of sales before you actually start bidding on properties. In this way you can become familiar with the bidding procedure, which is different in each state. New people are always amazed at what actually happens at a tax sale. It’s not what they expect. They expect to bid a healthy interest rate on a lien and are totally taken by surprise when the bidding goes down to zero and then up to very high premium. Continue reading How To Prepare For Your First Tax Lien Sale

Left Over Tax Liens

I get a lot of questions from people  that want to know how they can purchase tax liens or tax deeds through the mail and internet. They specifically want to know about left over tax liens and tax deeds. These are tax lien certificates or tax deeds that are ‘left-over’ from the tax sale. In other words no one bid at them at the sale and they were struck of to the county, state, or municipality. In most states if the delinquent tax property is not sold at the tax sale, it is struck of to the county or municipality. A few states allow the assignment of tax lien certificates or tax deeds to investors. There are pros and cons to purchasing leftover or assignment liens or deeds from the county.

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