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Bulk REO Investing – A to Z


But you can’t just pick up the phone and dial up profits–you have to know what to do, when to do it, with whom to do it, and how to do it profitably.

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Because of the current downturn in the economy, lenders have a huge, bloated inventory of many millions, or billions, of dollars worth of foreclosed properties that they want to and need to get rid of now! Some experts are calling this the opportunity of a lifetime, while others are saying it won’t last over six months.  So the time is now that lenders must dump what they can, when they can, wherever and however they possibly can! They HAVE to do it now.

They need to get these properties off of their books immediately so they can get back to profitable lending. There is no telling how long this opportunity will last, because the banks are frantically looking for ways to dump all of this unwanted property fast.

The point is, you need to strike while the opportunity is golden! Continue reading Bulk REO Investing – A to Z