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Domain Investing: The Next Real Estate Boom?

A website domain is very much like a piece of property. It is owned by someone. It can be bought and sold, traded or transferred. And just as we’ve all witnessed a nice run up in housing prices over the past few years, good domain names appreciate and can (maybe) fetch enough to put your kid through college – if you know what you’re doing and how to maximize your ROI.

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A Domain Name Business Can Be Fun

A Domain Name Business Can Be Fun and Lucrative

While we do want to generate income and not get too emotionally attached to the process of generating domain names, we can still have some fun with the entire process. Maybe you don’t consider yourself hip or trendy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to learn the slang of the Internet and figure out ways to combine it into fun domain name terms. Continue reading A Domain Name Business Can Be Fun

Are Good Domain Names Hard To Find

Are Good Domain Names Hard To Find

Good domain names aren’t hard to come by. You don’t even have to have a way with words. That’s because you can get domain names by simply understanding what people are searching for on the web. Another great way to determine a good domain name is to find out what other names have sold to give you an idea on similar names that might sell as well. In this chapter, we will discuss where to find names that sell and how to go about creating ones that might be winners for your own portfolio. Continue reading Are Good Domain Names Hard To Find

Develop or Sell Only

Develop Or Sell Only

Now that you’ve seen from some of the other articles in this series, how easy it is to get a parked page service, it might not be as intimidating to figure out how to develop the site. can get you started in developing a full site. If you find one of your parked domains is doing a good business, then it might make more sense to keep the domain name and develop the site. There are a number of things that will make a site appreciate in value. They are: Continue reading Develop or Sell Only

Domain Name Profit Potential


Now, comes the bottom line. How much money are we talking about? It all depends on the volume of your domain name business. The higher the volume, the more likelihood you will make a bigger profit. That’s because each individual domain name that you park or buy is not going to be profit leader. You will have some losers and some big winners. In addition, you will have a lower volume to work with if you are developing the sites instead of just flipping them. That’s because it takes more time, but the profit can be more too. It all depends on what model you are using. Continue reading Domain Name Profit Potential

Domain Squatters Rights Are A Thing Of The Past

You need to be avoiding any celebrity names that might be construed as a trademark infringement. There is now legislation to protect trademark and service mark owners from a practice called “cybersquatting.” Cybersquatting is when a person decides to try to appropriate a domain name that they are using in “bad faith” to profit from later. Continue reading Domain Squatters Rights Are A Thing Of The Past

Dot Com And Then Some

The most volume of sales is in the .com domain, although the .org and .net are starting to show some good sales in the higher price ranges. The extensions mean the following:
– .com – Commercial
– .net – Network
– .org – Organization (usually non-profit)
– .info – Resource website.

There are many more extensions than these four, but these are the most popular PC-based Internet domain extensions. Some domain name business owners do only .com names and others will try their hand at other types of extensions. It’s a personal decision, but .com are really the most popular and highly sought after domain names.

It’s up to you whether you try to expand into other domain extensions, instead of just the .com one. There are new extensions coming out every day and it’s wise to keep abreast of that, particularly now that cell phones are becoming very common in our society.

More and more people are using them to surf the web and some extensions are coming out like the .mobi extension. They are like finding a whole new undiscovered country and you could be the first one to plant your flag on the surface and stake your claim.

While they may not be extremely profitable now, they could end up being goldmines in the future. A well-diversified portfolio will want to take advantage of any new area that begins to show promise in the domain name business. You will have to pay more for some of these extensions and the same rules apply: no trademark infringement.

One way to verify whether something is going to be big is to check out the adoption rate in other countries. It might give you a head’s up on the coming wave of the future in your own country.

Speaking of countries, you can get a or .de domain name. One is for Great Britain and the other for Germany. While you might think you have to be a resident to get one of these names, it’s not true. The different country extensions have different rules and some of them do require some residency and others do not.

Do your homework when deciding on whether or not you want to go for domain names from countries other than where you reside. Continue reading Dot Com And Then Some

Taste Test Before You Buy

In the business, there is something called “tasting” domains. Tasting a domain allows you five days grace period to figure out if you want to pay the full registration fee. It gives domainers some time to research the probability that this domain name will generate revenue. During the grace period is up, the buyer of the domain can actually use the domain name and park a page full of advertising and affiliate links. This is a very standard practice because it allows a domainer the ability to see what traffic shows up spontaneously and how they get there by checking the site statistics. This gives the domain buyer some insight into whether they’ve picked a good name or not. Continue reading Taste Test Before You Buy

Thinking Up Your Own

Now, if you’ve done some research you can still think up your own. Or, maybe you have the inside scoop on some very new trend that has something to do with your interests. This can be a line of investigation that is quite profitable. The more you are familiar with a specific industry, the more likelihood you will be able to create some domain names that appeal to somebody who wants to buy it. Continue reading Thinking Up Your Own

Virtual Real Estate

If your domain name is associated with a virtual property, than it stands to reason that the value of the property depends on the neighborhood and what the property offers. Just like you won’t want to spend half a million dollars on a run-down one-room shack in Nowhere, Alabama, you don’t want to buy domain names that have very little potential to resell or are worthless. You want names that attract buyers and represent a virtual property that appreciates over time. Continue reading Virtual Real Estate