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How To Sell Your Houses Super Fast

Finding Unlimited Sources Of   Hungry Buyers With Money!

What I am going to teach you now will ensure that you will never have to worry about finding hungry buyers again.   It will not matter what niche of real estate investing.  Using the techniques I will teach you, will be constantly inundated with buyers – and you can do this for next to nothing!

I want to talk first about the attitude you want to approach every situation with. You must always create a win/win/win relationship by helping the buyer AND the seller make money.

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How To Buy And Sell Houses Virtually

Now it’s time that we are put the different pieces of the puzzle together.  In this section we will go over the simple steps of making money in real estate without leaving your house. Once you understand this you can get your first deal going within 15-20 minutes. You can do these deals from anywhere you choose as long as you apply the model.

First let’s do a quick recap of the kinds of deals you are going to be doing, since you want to be able to work with any buyer, seller, investor, etc you must have an arsenal of tools and solutions at your disposable. Now we need to know the categories that each potential deal will fall under.

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Selling Fast with Seller Financing – The do’s and dont’s

One of the most valuable tools to sell houses faster is by using seller financing. You can either know about seller financing, do it right and close more deals or you can watch deals go down the drain.  You need to know how to set up and structure seller financing properly for best results.

It’s your neck on the line!

There is liability.  A large number of lawsuits have been filed in regards to the “paper” involved in a seller financing transaction. The courts are saying effectively, that you have a liability to structure any carry-back financing to avoid problems and to best fit the needs of both buyer and seller.  You must  disclose the dangers and risks with certain types of financing.

Ignorance in Action

In the case of investors, they are paying prices now for the decisions they have made in the past few years. The use of seller financing sounds easy and wonderful as it is preached over the podium, yet there are risks – AVOIDABLE ONES! I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with seller financing. What I am saying is that for it to be used responsibly there are certain areas, options and alternatives that need to be known.

In particular, there are six areas that can be of vital concern:

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Selling Fast Using The Power Of Networking To Neighbors Online

This is a great method that you can apply to tune in the power of networking to the neighbors.  When you have a house for sale,  you must let everyone in that neighboorhood know.   With the technology available today, you can do this in as little as 20 minutes.  This method will provide you with two points of contacts and it results in a higher chance of getting your house sold.  You marketing budget for this task is around $50 !

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Syndicate Syndicate – Get the word out everywhere – FREE – Sell Your House FAST

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Another tip to sell your houses faster

In spite of the subprime dry up, there are underwriters still willing to offer 100% financing to our buyers. Our marketing is  currently focused around owner financing and "No Money  Down" in order to get the phones to ring.
A mortgage broker called me yesterday because he had  someone qualified but couldn’t find a home or seller willing to  work with them. If you still have inventory that you’re trying to  sell, fax and call every mortgage broker in town and tell them  you’re a flexible seller willing to carryback a 2nd.
Be sure to fax them weekly with your available inventory. Most make the mistake and assume one telephone call or fax will do the trick. Stay in front of them and be sure to place their telephone number in your flyers and advertisements. I usually  precede it with "Buy this Home with Zero Down by calling.."

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When is an FHA loan right to use?

Although FHA loans are available to a large percentage of the population, there are certain individuals for whom FHA loans are ideally suited. Created as a branch of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1934, FHA was an answer to the financial crises affecting millions of Americans as a result of the Great Depression. Today, FHA loans are predominantly for low- to moderate-income borrowers in need of a low risk loan. Continue reading When is an FHA loan right to use?

Have Continual Success in Finding Buyers Fast!

You don’t make money in real estate until you find a Buyer or Tenant. Perhaps you putting up roadblocks for your prospects without knowing it? S These investors believe they can operate the real estate business by removing the human element. Just as you & I get aggravated with endless voicemail and hoops, so do your Buyers. Attracting buyers is key to a successful real estate transaction. If you rehab or flip properties to retail buyers, make sure that you don’t loose them when they become interested in your property.

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