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Business Branding – Branding Tips You Can’t Ignore

No one wants to feel like their company is invisible; you don’t ever want to beg your clients to listen to your marketing message

Building a strong branded image and message for your company is not as difficult as you would image.  Although, there are certain steps you must follow to make sure your’re successful in building your brand.

The first steps are to create an effective visual message and then have the market remember it. There are always challenges associates with this process, but having the right direction is key to success.

Marketers have struggled needlessly to get their company’s brand built. Standing out among the competition is not hard to do if you know where e to start. Having a simple step – by – step strategy to follow is the easiest path to success. Below I have assembled a set of  Insider Methods, Fortune 500 video tutorials that will have make sure your new business brand is noticed and remembered when it is seen!

The below over the shoulder video tutorials provide the best know ways to get a business brand built, recognized and remembered. These videos will show you exactly which methods are best to achieve the fastest result possible. The videos will give you an unfair advantage when gain the edge over your competition.

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Three years to a millionaire plan

Creating Wealth with Real Estate in a short period of time is relatively easy if you have a plan.  In determining how you would like for real estate investing to work for you, it is important to first determine the results that you desire from real estate investing. Are you looking to build wealth or to create quick cash or both? Depending upon your desired results, you can choose a short term strategy, a long term strategy or a combination of the two.

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How to Assign NON Assignable Contracts

I recently had a student ask me about the “no-assign” clause. They wanted to put an an offer on an REO property and they were concerned about how do they get around it. For those of you who don’t know and want to work the fast cash action with REO property strategy, that there is a certain clause that says that you cannot assign the contract. Many times most of the contracts that you will encounter with real estate agent’s or a broker’s contract all have a non-assignability clause. So this is how you get around them. Continue reading How to Assign NON Assignable Contracts

When is an FHA loan right to use?

Although FHA loans are available to a large percentage of the population, there are certain individuals for whom FHA loans are ideally suited. Created as a branch of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1934, FHA was an answer to the financial crises affecting millions of Americans as a result of the Great Depression. Today, FHA loans are predominantly for low- to moderate-income borrowers in need of a low risk loan. Continue reading When is an FHA loan right to use?

If you must do bandit signs, here are my tips

I’ve never liked putting up signs—parking the car on the side of a road, dashing across a street without getting run over, trying to find a piece ground with rocks to sink the sign in.  My girlfriend would watch me  do it, and then she worried the entire time I was out there. BUT… at that time, we still believed in putting out signs. Why—because in terms of  marketing dollars spent per call, they the most effective way to advertise your home for sale. ( 40% of people buy houses from a sign they see while driving an area they want to live in)  Almost every investor we know uses at least some signs. (And since putting out signs is a pain—hire someone else to do it!)

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Easy Skip Tracing – Where Did They Go?

How many times have you come across vacant properties, that you can not find the owner? Last week I heard of a very simple and effective way to get a forwarding address. It all started when I was in the post office. I overheard a conversation with the postmaster a customer was having. This person who was speaking to the postmaster wanted to to find someone who owed him money and he wasn’t having a lot of luck. He knew that the person had moved to another city, but that was all he knew. He had originally tried getting the post master to get the forwarding address, but the post office informed him that they would only release a forwarding address to a law enforcement officer, licensed private investigator or under court order. BUT the post master had a better solution… To get a forwarding address you simply have to send the person a letter and include the following clearly below the return address:

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